Your PC is more than just personal - it is you :-)

It’s where you keep your irreplaceable photos, your emails, your friends, your projects, your everything.
The mere thought of you losing your unique lifestyle simply doesn’t bear thinking about.
You may also be feeling a little uneasy about security, on-line banking, internet purchases and social networking.
At SmileyMacs we understand - because we’re just like you.
Regular tune-ups and upgrades are the answer - call SmileyMacs on 0401 588 409.

You love working from home :-)

But when your computer is down, so is your income.
Time is money and you need to be up and running all the time.
At SmileyMacs, we understand “urgent” - think of us as your personal IT department.
Just pick up your phone, call SmileyMacs on 0401 588 409 and in most cases, we can talk you through the problem on-line.
If not, we’ll be right round to your place - usually the same day.

You run a successful, fast growing business :-)

You’ve done the hard yards and the orders are coming in.
The last thing you want now is a “not smiling day” where your Sales Department’s Macs are not talking to the Account’s PC’s.
SmileyMacs specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of cross-platform wireless networks.
Phone SmileyMacs on 0401 588 409 for a free quote and we’ll take care of your network while you take care of your business.

You’re a freelance ‘tradie’ :-)

The days of quantity surveying on the back of an envelope and handing your accountant a “shoebox” full of orders and receipts have long gone.
You know your power tools backwards, but you’ve come to realise that your iPhone, iPad and MacBook have become your most important tools-of-trade.
SmileyMacs can set them up to work in sync with iCloud and each other - and stay that way. Like you - it just works.
Call SmileyMacs on 0401 588 409